MASTER CLASS Income Booster for Hair Stylists

Learn how to book $2,000.00 clients with thinning problem hair in less than 45 days. 

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Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts is a licensed and accredited cosmetology school in the State of VA. All advanced classes come with a certification upon completion.


  • How to offer your clients no credit check financing.
  • How to set up your clients on auto pay for their services and products, creating your own Membership Club.
  • The exact marketing tools I used to gain 10 new customer's contact information per day.
  • How to process insurance claims for clients with severe hair loss.
  • Supplier information. The absolute best quality of premium 100% human hair with a reasonable wholesale price.
  • My favorite apps that I use to send invoices and recurring payment notices.
  • My favorite online software I use to gain new customers.
  • How to host and conduct your own hair extension wig parties and gain 3 new wig party referrals and a ton of new customers.
  • How to make your wig parties go viral.

Wig Parties!


Wig Parties!

About Your Teacher

CONTRIBUTION TO THE COSMETOLOGY INDUSTRY Marcella Ellis has dedicated her life to the Cosmetology Industry, realizing her talent at only 16 years old. She has made contributions to the Industry through training, mentoring, coaching, licensing and certifying women and men throughout her career. Through her determination and passion for the cosmetology industry, she is determined to make this profession a lucrative way of life one Stylist at a time.

Marcella Ellis CEO/ PRESIDENT

"Marcella is a very educated and dedicated woman to her craft! I enjoy seeing her work and learned so much at her school it was a very intruiging experience!"

-Trinetta Westbrooks

"Marcella is an awesome instructor! I have learned so much from her, I hosted my first wig party and made $2,000 in sales and booked 2 more parties!"

-Adrianna Pacheco

"Every since I have taken Marcella's training I have made so much more in sales. Everyday I go into the salon I look forward to looking at my bank account every day. Thank you Marcella."


"Are you ready to get started today and receive your first $2,000.00 client within 3 days?"

I will teach you a wealth of knowledge and all of my business secrets to success! Receiving recurring payments, and residual income is now easy for hair stylists.

SECRET #1- I will specifically help you set up an account with the financing company that I use to finance my customers. You will be able to offer your clients no credit check financing up to $5,000 worth of products and services. Once your client is approved the money will be deposited in your account immediately!

SECRET #2- I will teach you how to create contractual agreements and payment plans for your clients that will deposit automatically in your account monthly. I will also teach you as a bonus how to process insurance claims for customers experiencing extreme hair loss.

SECRET #3 - I will teach you how I advertise and gain new customers daily. The exact script and wording I use when running ads that bring in new customer's name, email addresses and phone numbers. Clients who really want and need an appointment!


I will hold your hand and mentor you throughout your training. You will have access to my personal email address. Unlimited emails while you are training!

Pay in Full (You'll save 20%) 

Down Payment- $314.82  

Installment- 6 monthly payments $157.41  

Payments will automatically be deducted monthly. 

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up fast because they are significantly better than any class on the market today! 

"What if I don't know how to work with lace wigs?"

Master Class + Lace Wig Training = Super Power Class

+ You will receive 3 additional days of intense ONLINE LIVE training under the direction of Marcella Ellis. 

+ You will learn how to apply, take care of, and remove Non surgical hair replacement Lace front, 360 wigs and full lace units. 

+ You will learn how to create a mold how to properly take measurements of the client's head for a customized fit

+ You will learn how to lay the clients hair to rest while properly attaching the unit using proper bonding techniques. 

+ You will learn how custom units are designed from start to finish. 

+ You will learn how to properly attach and remove, shampoo and maintain a full unit and partial graft.  

+ In addition you will learn our all new two and one system which will allow you to pre-order only the partial front and incorporate a different procedure in the back to give the client more than one option.  

+ You will learn the fundamentals of proper placement, and blending. 

+ You will learn the differences in hair selections, appropriate for each client.

+ You will learn how to consult the client educating them on the pros and cons, proper maintenance and care of each procedure.  

+ Once you complete training and fully understand the techniques you will be awarded a certificate of completion along with a certified technician sticker. This sticker will identify you as a certified tech in these procedures, which will allow our company Marcella Ellis Pro, to refer clients in your area to you and your business.  

Can you read these order forms and understand the meaning?

These are specification sheets to design a custom unit. If you can't read this, don't worry, I will teach you how to custom design!

Master Class + Lace Wig Training = Super Power Class

I will hold your hand throughout this training module. All classes are online live via webcam. All classes are in small groups or one one one. You will have access to my personal email address. Unlimited emails while you are training! 

Pay in Full (You'll save 20%)  

Down Payment- $469.05

Installment- 6 monthly payments of $234.52 

Payments will automatically be deducted monthly.